3 rules to follow when you want to compare business energy!
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Whenever you desire to compare business energy online - switching is free and only takes a few seconds to complete online, over the phone or at your doorstep. Follow these simple rules whenever you want to compare business energy.

1. You should choose a provider to see which plan works best for you. The Commission for Energy Regulation offers a list of energy providers as well with very supportive hints and tips on switching. You should look at also paying by direct debit. A vast number of suppliers generally offer discounts when a client pays his or her bills by direct debit

2. Also recognize that clients are entitled to a 14 day cooling off phase, thus if you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions of your contract, you can cancel it easily.

3. Lastly please ensure you are ready with all the likely details as when you contact a chosen provider - you will be demanded to supply your meter point registration number (MPRN). This can be found on your utility bill and on your meter as well. This new provider will demand for your address and meter reading, so ensure you have these details on ground. When supplied, they proceed to initiate further required arrangements with your old supplier to have your account switched.

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